By Leanne Bellingham.


In all areas of our lives, being part of an effective team can be the key to your individual success, fulfilment and achieving your goals.

The environment we live and work in can be stressful. At work, in particular, it can be easy to become insular and focus only on your own targets and goals. This can create an unhealthy and ineffective working environment.

The benefits of working as part of a team are far reaching – both personally and for your wider firm. Creating a supportive and open culture which celebrates all successes within your team will encourage employees to work collaboratively, to reach shared goals effectively, leaning on individual’s strengths and boosting each other’s weaknesses and areas for development.

This ethos stimulates morale for every member of the team, creating a real sense of belonging and purpose that ultimately benefits the company because it delivers more effectively for its clients.

Simply put, in a team that really works as a unit, the whole becomes much greater than the sum of its parts – benefitting everyone involved.

At Wadkins Associates, we make sure everyone in the business, whatever their role, is involved in celebrating individual successes – whether that be sharing in a celebratory glass of champagne, enjoyable team activities or collective personal rewards.

But more importantly still, we actively look to support each other because not only do individual successes then reflect well on the whole team but it creates a happier, more productive, fulfilling and rewarding workplace for us all.