Finding the best cultural fit between firms and individuals.

We take the time, make the extra effort and have the aptitude to ensure we gain a truly in-depth, highly personalised understanding of both our client firms and our candidates.

of CVs submitted result in an interview
successful placements for retained assignments

We go beyond capability, expertise, experience and potential, to find and make the most advantageous cultural connections between firms and individuals.

Making a career move or making a new hire - these are far reaching decisions for any individual or firm.


Finding the right person for your business, or the right firm for you as an individual can be transformative; personally, professionally and commercially.


But how do you know if a particular firm is the best fit for you? How do you judge whether a particular person is the best fit for your business?


Reputation, expertise, experience and so on will only take you so far... Remuneration, rewards and commercial contribution are only part of the picture. There's only so much you can tell "on paper".


Beyond the facts and figures of CVs, salaries and interviews, some of your most crucial considerations will be about culture, personality and character.


Finding the right person to help grow your business, or the right firm where you'll thrive is not simply about what that person or firm can do for you - but more fundamentally, what are they like to work with?


This is where you need an expert, professional intermediary and advisor that is a true advocate of the crucial importance for cultural fit between firms and individuals. One that has the skills and the track record to gain the essential insights into a firm's unique culture and people's individual personalities to bring them together for the benefit of both.


This is what distinguishes Wadkins Associates as the recruitment intermediary of choice in the Transport and Energy Legal profession.

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