Wadkins Associates are thrilled to announce well-deserved promotions

Wadkins Associates are thrilled to announce two well-deserved promotions for consultants who have demonstrated unparalleled dedication, expertise, and innovation in their respective roles. We are celebrating the achievements of Alexandra Tidy and Barney Deacon as they embark on new chapters of their careers with us.


Alexandra Tidy


Since joining us in December 2019, Alex has consistently surpassed expectations, embodying excellence in every aspect of her work. Her journey with us reached a significant milestone last April when she was promoted to Senior Consultant. Alex’s exceptional billing year and her invaluable contributions to our ongoing data project have set a new standard of excellence, and her dedication behind the scenes is instrumental in driving our company’s success. In recognition for her outstanding performance, Alex has been promoted to Managing Consultant where she will undoubtedly continue to inspire and lead by example.


Barney Deacon


Barney joined us in July 2022, and has quickly made an indelible mark on our company. Through his keen understanding of market trends, he has enabled Wadkins Associates to stay ahead of the curve and position us as a key player across the Irish market. His proactive approach has enabled him to forge strong relationships with in-house aviation companies, thereby expanding our reach and opening new avenues for growth. In recognition of his incredible performance last year, where he also billed a record-breaking first year in the company, Barney Deacon has been promoted to Senior Consultant.


These promotions emphasise our commitment to recognising and nurturing talent within Wadkins Associates. Please join us in congratulating Alex and Barney on their promotions! We are immensely proud of their accomplishments and are excited to see them thrive in their new roles.