Tom Chapman – Promotion

We are delighted to announce a significant promotion within our team at Wadkins Associates. Tom Chapman, a key member of our Asset Finance team, has been promoted to the role of Managing Consultant.

Tom has been with us since January 2019, and his journey with us over the past few years has been marked by his unwavering dedication and exceptional expertise. Since joining our team, Tom has consistently gone above and beyond in his work, setting high billing standards and contributing significantly to our company’s success. His commitment and hard work continue to have a profound impact on our team and our clients.

As a Managing Consultant, Tom will thrive with the same passion and excellence that he has shown since day one. His promotion is a testament to his outstanding performance and the valuable contributions he has made to Wadkins Associates.

Please join us in congratulating Tom Chapman on his well-deserved promotion. We are excited to see him succeed in his new role!