The Wadkins Associates Experience

Beyond Recruitment: building exceptionally rare professional relationships.

What distinguishes Wadkins Associates is not just our expert knowledge of the Transport and Energy law profession - it's our approach. Not just what we do, but how we do it.


We go beyond what you might have come to expect or imagine of recruitment, to truly get under the skin of our clients and candidates, so that we can provide an exceptionally personalised experience.

This means we can guarantee the best fit between a firm's unique culture and a candidate's individual personality, character and ambitions. And it's what makes us their "go-to" trusted professional advisors and intermediary.

We enjoy a rare kind of relationship with our clients and candidates, carefully built and nurtured on understanding, trust, advice, emotional intelligence and, of course, effectiveness.

Our approach is proven by our results. Certainly, we close deals. More importantly, we consistently close the right deals, with the best outcomes for our candidates and clients alike.

For our clients

The best way to grow your business is to put your people first and truly care.

The difference between a good firm and a great one is its people. Not just as individuals but as a collective dynamic; a distinctive culture that makes a business greater than the sum of its parts.

Understanding your firm's unique culture, what you want to build on and what you'd like to improve, means we can help you find the best people for the future as well as the present.

Beyond understanding your growth plans and projections, this is what we seek to really dig into and get to grips with.

What's more, we want to share our expertise with you to help you plan and execute your recruitment strategy - from identifying key hires, to putting in place best-practice processes, through to interview assessments, techniques and coaching. There's always room for improvement.

We'll never send you countless CVs to wade through or waste your time interviewing a multitude of people that aren't exactly right for your firm. That's our job, not yours.

For our candidates

You can't be happy in life if you're not happy at work.

We know that the simple, yet often elusive notion of happiness at work is every bit as important as remuneration and reward.

It's a virtuous circle. Greater work happiness leads to greater achievement through greater confidence and fulfilment. And around it goes.

Of course, "work happiness" is a less tangible thing to define than the facts and figures of a job. That's where our expertise is so essential. We're adept at getting a true understanding of what makes you tick; what drives and motivates you and, yes - what makes you happy in your career and outside of work too.

We strip away the generalisations of roles, job descriptions and experience, because it's crucially important that we get to know you as an individual. You're a person, not a CV.

Our understanding of the Transport and Energy law professional is in depth and right up to date. But more than that, what equips us to give you the very best, individual advice is being equally as proficient in understanding you!

This is what makes us our candidates' most trusted professional advisor and intermediary. Our precise, informed and emotionally intelligent approach means we'll never splash your CV around or send you to countless interviews.

We'll only ever put you forward for a position that we are thoroughly certain is 100% right for you and for your future.

It's this level of trust and understanding that we seek to build between us that guarantees we don't just hope for the best for you. We absolutely make sure of it.