Your CV is a crucially important document when applying for new roles. At Wadkins Associates, we work with our candidates on making sure it is the best and most accurate reflection of your experience. Alongside our relationship with the hiring Partner/Manger, this is a one of the key reasons we experience a high CV submission to interview ratio.

In addition to offering exclusive insights into a hiring company’s work culture and progression opportunities, our consultants will provide advice regarding how your CV should look in order to secure an interview.

For example, conventional wisdom when it comes to writing your CVs is to keep it within 1 to 2 pages. While keeping your CV concise is generally of merit, most of our clients prefer more detailed information regarding the cases or transactions you have worked on previously.

The number of pages your CV covers is not important. The content is.

One way of illustrating your experience is to create sub-headings detailing individual cases or transactions. You can highlight your role and responsibilities on the matter as well as which side you were operating for and the monies at stake while making sure you do not breach any confidentiality clauses.

Another tip would be to include your grades while in university, state your admissions clearly and include a strong summary.

A strong CV is just the start of the process. Since every hiring partner or manager is different, knowing what to showcase from your experience and how to discuss it will improve your chances and really allow you to shine at interview. We will make sure your CV is looking at its best for the specific role you are applying for and that you are prepped well for interview.

More to come on our bespoke interview prep later.


22nd September 2020. By Jack Kwok