Our Culture

The secret of our success; for our clients, our candidates and ourselves.

As a leader in professional recruitment, our purpose is to ensure people are happy in their work. This means finding and making the right cultural fit between firms and individuals. 


Every workplace has its culture. Whether it's by conscious design or unconsciously - by a kind of osmosis - a firm's culture defines what it's like to work with or for.

If a firm is conscious of its culture, then that helps ensure it recruits the best people into the business. It provides it with a collective focus, shared sense of purpose and energy. It's what wins business, fosters recommendations and sustains clients' loyalty. 

In short, a firm's culture is the secret to its success - or otherwise.

Our Culture

At Wadkins Associates we consider our company culture to be our most valuable asset. From day one, consciously creating the right culture and keeping it alive as we grow in both scale and reach continues to be crucial to our success.

Whether you are a client, a candidate or a colleague; this is what we're like to work with.


Everyone at Wadkins Associates is genuine - and genuinely nice people. We prize confidence and self-assurance, but not egos. 

We genuinely care about what is right and best for our candidates and clients - and place this over and above any short-sighted financial gain for ourselves.

We value each other, care about each other and care about the value of what we do. 


Our commitment to work happiness means we are highly supportive of our candidates, clients and colleagues. We recognise that changing your job or making a new hire can bring uncertainty and pressure, so we go out of our way to be patient, encouraging, constructive and confidence building. We value long-lasting relationships built on trust, understanding and sound advice.

Within our team, we support each other. We pass work to each other and help each other hit our targets. We are a genuinely inclusive team - everyone has a say and everyone's view matters. We like to have fun at work, too - good-natured banter and having a good laugh is important to us. 

In summary we're a helpful, encouraging, tightly knit team; committed to being seen as the best in the world - and while we're serious about what we do, we don't take ourselves too seriously.


Our clients and candidates can expect high levels of initiative, energy, positivity and enthusiasm from us. Our team is characterised by a spirit of confidently embracing new tasks, challenges and opportunities. 

Our commitment to delivering for you is absolute and second-to-none - we leave no stone unturned and always stand ready to go above and beyond what you might expected to help you achieve your aims.

As a team we are highly ambitious and motivated. Since 2015 we've enjoyed rapid growth and established an enviable reputation. But we'll never rest on our laurels - we are always keen to push forward, hit our targets and collectively ask ourselves, "what's next?".

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