Making The Move: 7 Reasons to Join a P&I Club

As P&I club renewals approach, there has been noticeable movement and growth across the clubs, both laterally and from law firms. This begs the question – why are people making the move? Salaries are increasing across the board, so you might not need to take a drop in pay. Instead, you must consider if the move could be just what you need. Here are seven reasons why P&I clubs could be your shortcut to a more fulfilling professional journey: 


Step Away from Billable Hours: 

Break free from watching the clock. P&I clubs put their members first, steering away from the billable hour model. Here, you can focus on delivering expertise rather than perpetually chasing hours. 


Enhanced Work-Life Balance: 

Avoid the burnout. In this fast-paced world, achieving a healthy work-life balance is a constant struggle. P&I clubs offer flexibility that suits your lifestyle, which naturally enhances your productivity.  


Build Meaningful Relationships with Clients/Members: 

Get to know who you’re working with. You can work closely with clients and members as part of this collaborative environment. This allows you to build meaningful connections with them, positioning you as the go-to expert for your clients.  


Develop Increased Commercial and Strategic Knowledge: 

Expand your business knowledge. P&I Clubs operate at intersection of the maritime and insurance industries and thrust you into the heart of both commercial and strategic challenges. This multifaceted exposure will continuously enhance your professional development, making you a well-rounded expert in your field.  


Work Internationally and Undertake Trips: 

See the world! P&I clubs offer opportunities to work with members across the borders, giving you the ability to gain firsthand insights into the maritime world.  


Transfer Between International Offices: 

Break the monotony. The global presence of clubs allows you to transition between international offices seamlessly. If you are looking for a change of scenery, P&I clubs are the way to go.  


Enhanced Benefits and Pension Provision: 

Reap the benefits! As member-owned entities, P&I clubs place emphasis on the well-being of their employees, offering top benefits and pension plans.


Overall, P&I clubs aren’t just a career move – they’re a game changer. If you’d like to chat about current opportunities within clubs globally, please do get in touch with us.